Metric Contracting, LLC began operations on January 1st, 2016. After several years of running a remodeling crew for an Oregon property management company, Jeff Barrett struck out into the world of independent contracting. Jeff and Nili Barrett, married since 2004, run Metric together out of their northeast Portland home. The mission of the business is to provide quality craftsmanship in a peacemaking manner. To learn more about how Metric is building peace, read this.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why did you name the business Metric?

A. Because it’s better.

Q. Do you only work in metric dimensions?

A. No. We work with industry standards in order to integrate with suppliers and other craftsmen. Jeff often works in metric dimensions when building, but that is only because it is a better system. We have the tools and competency to alternate as necessary.

Q. Are you affordable?

A. We do not classify ourselves as “high-end,” “economy,” or any other niche market construction company. Some construction companies depend on paying the vast majority of their employees the lowest possible wage, while others depend on only working for clients for whom money is no object. Metric’s goal in approaching every project is to find an answer to this question: How can we provide a quality product at a fair price? There is no magic formula for this. An answer is only found through a strong relationship between customer and contractor.

Q. Why do you believe the metric system is better than the imperial system?

A. There are two primary reasons. First, the metric system is a base 10 measurement system. Since our numeral system is also base 10, the two systems integrate automatically. The imperial system is a base 12 system. Or, for some measurements, a base 3 system. For other measurements, it is a fractional instead of decimal system. None of these properties integrate natively into our numeral system.

Second, the metric system of weights and measures comes from a scientific heritage, which seeks to discover standards as they already exist. In contrast, the aptly named imperial system comes from an autocratic heritage, which simply declares and imposes standards. The metric system, through its humble approach, has provided a much better product than any system based on arrogance ever could.

In the modern age, the metric system has so dominated world standards that the “foot” became officially defined as 0.3048 meters. It is only a matter of time before the United States falls in line with the rest of the global community by accepting the superior system. Thus, Metric Contracting sees it as a forward-thinking approach to remain aware of and proficient in those measures.